Diva made it, she is now a champion!

08.07.2019 21:38
Diva completed her Norwegian show championship in Trondheim,  at NKK's international show. She has never shown this good, and was a joy to handle in the ring. I am so immensely proud of her as she is a great dog, but also my foundation bitch for the portuguese water dogs. Hege, this one is for...
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Emma has been mated!

20.05.2019 13:00
Emma, the PWD, has now been mated and we are hopefully expecting puppies in July!
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I-litter with their own page!

04.05.2019 15:05
The I-litter finally got their own page! https://www.kennel-eventyrvannet.com/valper/i-litter/
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29.03.2019 14:00
We are currently trying out the dryfood called Fish4Dogs. So far we're super-happy about it, the dogs lvoe it, Astro can eat it without symptoms showing and the treats are very popular also. Excellent customer service and fast delivery from the supplier makes this very interesting. So far, we've...
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11.02.2019 14:10
NUCH SEUCH Eventyrvannets Dobby Av Drømmeland
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A'Marley Royal Rives, "Astro", retired from all breeding plans

11.02.2019 13:50
Astro, my King, my darling, my one and only has been retired from any breeding plans due to diagnosed allergies. He never got any puppies, but will live at home, influencing the other dogs and puppies to come. He has a suberb mentality, but I do not use dogs with allergies in my breeding. He's...
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21.01.2018 16:51
The homepage is now updated with the newcomers to the kennel. To some, we are looking for hosts/co-owners, but not until the right person comes along. The newcomers are Troll, Lykke, Lexi and Isa (which all have been living with previous hosts/co-owers until now, but for various reasons couldn't...
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Dobby and Emma Hagren!

12.12.2017 00:53
The juniorhandler, Emma Hagren, and Dobby (Eventyrvannets Dobby Av Drømmeland) have tried out as a team towards the end of 2017, and my GOD what a team they are! I am so incredibly proud of both of them! Emma qualified for the Norwegian championships in juniorhandling this year and is one of the...
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Huldra and Prima

02.12.2017 01:32
Huldra, Troll's sister, and Prima have come to the kennel! Read more on their individual pages.
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Mason goes out of the breeding plans

02.12.2017 01:29
Sadly, in despite all his other qualities, Mason is not able to produce any puppies. There fore, he will consequently not be a part of future breeding plans. He will live with his new owners, also his former hosts, as a wonderful famliy pet. There he will live together with Emma, from my first...
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