21.01.2018 16:51
The homepage is now updated with the newcomers to the kennel. To some, we are looking for hosts/co-owners, but not until the right person comes along. The newcomers are Troll, Lykke, Lexi and Isa (which all have been living with previous hosts/co-owers until now, but for various reasons couldn't...
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Dobby and Emma Hagren!

12.12.2017 00:53
The juniorhandler, Emma Hagren, and Dobby (Eventyrvannets Dobby Av Drømmeland) have tried out as a team towards the end of 2017, and my GOD what a team they are! I am so incredibly proud of both of them! Emma qualified for the Norwegian championships in juniorhandling this year and is one of the...
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Huldra and Prima

02.12.2017 01:32
Huldra, Troll's sister, and Prima have come to the kennel! Read more on their individual pages.
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Mason goes out of the breeding plans

02.12.2017 01:29
Sadly, in despite all his other qualities, Mason is not able to produce any puppies. There fore, he will consequently not be a part of future breeding plans. He will live with his new owners, also his former hosts, as a wonderful famliy pet. There he will live together with Emma, from my first...
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17.10.2017 22:48
Troll - Ridgecrest's Swedish Gangster - is a new addition to the kennel. He is a Chinese Crested Powder Puff from Kennel Ridgecrest in Sweden. Welcome, Troll!
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Zara - pro photoshoot

03.07.2017 10:34
Zara had some photos done by photographer Rose Johansen, stacked by John Schoolcraft. Have a look at Zara's page - they are REALLY good!
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E-litter was born 4th May and the puppies are growing up!

25.06.2017 12:35
Six puppies were born on 4th May, but sadly we lost one of the pp-females way too soon. Still, 5 puppies are a decent sized litter for a cc and we are overjoyed with the ones that are with us. Two pp-females, one pp-male and two cc-males are growing strong!One of the males, a naked one, will stay...
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Ella is home!

17.04.2017 19:47
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Breeding and colleagues!

13.04.2017 18:05
The puppies from the D-litter are in their new homes and one of them - the first in the kennel's history - is living in Sweden. We are so excited about the co-operation with Kennel Aplicado as they have entrusted us with a puppy from their latest litter. This Saturday, "Ella" will move to Norway!...
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D- litter is born!

19.12.2016 11:35
The D- litter was born on 11th December and ten new citizens of the world arrived early in the morning. Six females, one brown and five black and four males, one brown and three black. Some with white markings. Diva is a super mom to the puppies and all are doing well :)
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