Breeder of Portugese Water Dog and Chinese Crested/Chinese Crested Powder Puff

2021, what a year!

09.01.2022 12:30

2021 brought so much to the kennel. Possibilities, results, new packmembers, I am ever so grateful! 

Two PWD-litters; the O- and P-litter. A BIG thank you to Mona Paus for lending me the gorgeous NUCH Faielins Castillo Turquesa o Quatro aka "Ruffen" and to Marte Aursand and Ida Brørs for the ever so cool Marportos No 5 Buddy av Bessie aka "Buddy"! You are awesome!  The keepers from the O-litter, Eventyrvannets Oleanna Av Oseberg aka "Oleanna" is currently living here, and her brother Eventyrvannets Orion Av Oseberg aka "Ori"lives with his host, both very promising. The keeper from the P-litter, Eventyrvannets Petra Polardronning aka "Petra" lives with her host. I hope to show them all this year, but we will see how covid will pay along. 

Then, after Covid last year, a long waited Chinese Crested litter, the Q-litter: Sire: C.I.B EECH LT&LV CH NORD UCH Tournais In It To Win It, Dam: NUCH Eventyrvannets Prinsesse Cecilie who produced the most amazing puppies together! Two males, three females. Two keepers from this litter: Eventyrvannets Quickstep Quest aka"Solan" currently lives here, while his sister (and the only PP in the litter) lives with her host. Her name is Eventyrvannets Queen Quest aka "Enja". I will always be grateful to you, Maria McDermit, for lending me the unforgettable Morgan! 

The newcomer in the bunch, co-owned with Kennel Curlycrest/Guro Brunsby has done so well. Naked Stars One In A Melon aka "Mellon" has got several BOB and even BIS-placements as a puppy. Now awaits the adult classes and we are so exited to see what the future holds for her!