We are looking for hosts or co-owners for the puff-female Trinity. Preferrably quite close, but I've learned never to say never if the right home turns up. The right home is more important than anything.

She is planned to enter our breeding program eventually.

Trinity is a super-loving female in show condition, so her host/co-owner must be able to take care of her coat as I'm planning to show her for a while yet. I can, of course, show her new home how to do this, but it will be a somewhat time-consuming job with her coat. Her personality is just as bubbly as a soda, and she's sweet like sugar and then some. She is about 29 cm tall and around 4.6 kilos. However, she needs some time to warm up to new people and new dogs, so this is something her new home must have in mind. To give her the time she needs and to not stress or force her into situations she's uncomfortable with. Just wait her out, give treats to strangers/new people that want to greet her and let her take the time she needs. She will be a loving companion for someone! She's totally fine with cats and she barks very little (even for the breed).


If you are interested, send me an email on: lottewp78@gmail.com, to learn more about the girls or what it will mean to be a host - I will answer any questions you might have!



We are looking for a host for the puffmale Troll.

Interested? Please, send me an email at lottewp78@gmail.com (Write in English or Norwegian)

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Lotte Werner Pettersen

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