Breeder of Portugese Water Dog and Chinese Crested/Chinese Crested Powder Puff

Blendverk's Cracklin Rose, "Maja"

Retired from further breeding plans due to her puppy from her last litter, diagnosed with CLP.

Maja made her way into our hearts through my own family who wanted to find her a good home. She's had a good life so far, but missed a large garden to roam free in. She's attended a couple of dogshows and done well. Maja is a funny little lady who knows what she wants. She loves to get affection and her favourite treat is pancake. She is not too keen on large dogs at first, but once she gets to know them the are alright as long as they respect her boundaries. She is three and a half years old and the mother to our first litter, the A- litter.

"Maja" was her name when she came to live with the pack in August of 2014. A cute name, I think.

She's qualified for class two in Freestyle!

She will not be bred further as she gave a puppy with CLP in her last litter. Maja is not affected and has no problems at all, and will continue to stay here as a family pet. She is also active in juniorhandling and freestyle.



Fotogalleri: Maja, Blendverk's Cracklin Rose