Health issues

Hip/elbow dysplasia: I will try to explain this in non-medical terms. These conditions are certain deformities in the hip and elbow joints. It is about how the socket and bone match, so to speak. Is the socket well-rounded and does the bone fit well in the socket? Calcifications may appear over time if this is a bad match, and may cause the dog a lot of pain.Both parents should bee free of hip dysplasia, FCI A or B.

The photos below shows the hips and elbows of my PWD-male Raio. His hips are FCI B/C (the left one is C). His elbow is FCI A.

PRA-PRCD: Eye disease which will cause blindness over time. At least one parent should have the status: Normal/Clear.

PLL (Primary Lens Luxation): A condition that will make the dog blind over time. It also causes the dog pain. At least one of the parents should have the status: Normal.

KCS: (Konjuctivitis Sicca): Dry eye. The eye simply dries out as it does not get enough moisture from the tear production. There is as easy test, often taken at the same time as the CERF-registration) and both parents should have the status: Normal.

Other known issues in the breed is epilepsy and LCP (Legg Calve Perthes). While we wait for the research to get further we should at least avoid using lines where LCP is found in offspring from dogs in the pedigree, on both mother- and father side of the combination.

My own dog, Kelly, is diagnosed with LCP and will most likely need surgery if it is even possible. The photo shows LCP on her left hip (the one to the right in the photo). Most likely she will not get to an old age...




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