Breeder of Portugese Water Dog and Chinese Crested/Chinese Crested Powder Puff

Eventyrvannets Eila Eventyrdronning, "Lexi"

Retired from breeding plans due to her diagnosis, CLP.

Lexi is a powder puff female from our E-litter and she is staying with us at the kennel. She made her debut in the showring just before New Year's 2017, and will continue to show in Norway in 2018 and onwards. She is such a little spitfire, full of adventure and spunk.

She will not be bred due to her diagnosis in April 2018, which was CLP (calve legg perthes). If the operation is successful, we might look for a family home in time. She is a sweet girl with lots of attitude, and has every chance of leading a full and painfree life after the operation.



Fotogalleri: Eventyrvannets Eila Eventyrdronning, "Lexi"