E- litter

The litter was born 4th May 2017, and two girls (powderpuffs) and three boys (one powderpuff and two naked).

Sadly, no puppies from this litter will be bred due to one female being diagnosed with the dreaded CLP (Calve Legg Perthes). She had surgery, and is doing fine, but that eliminates these puppies from breeding. This also eliminates their mother Maja from any further breeding.


Dam: Blendverk's Cracklin Rose, "Maja"

Sire: Moelmo's On Top, "Fredrik"

Maja:                                                                       Fredrik:

Born: 05/07/2012                                                    Born: 10/10/2013

HD: FCI B                                                                Patella: Clear

AD: FCI O                                                                PLL: Carrier

PRA-PRCD: Clear by parentage                               EVCO: Clear February 2017

Patella: 0-0                                                                      Clear November 2015

KCS: Normal - 23-23                                                       Clear December 2014

PLL: Clear                                                            

EVCO: Clear January 2017,

          Clear November 2015,

          Clear December 2014


Offspring's health



Eventyrvannets Eila Eventyrdronning

Calve legg perthes. Successful hip replacement surgery. Will of course not be bred.

Eventyrvannets Edda Eventyrnatt


Eventyrvannets Edvard Eventyrkonge


Eventyrvannets Eros Eventyrglede


Eventyrvannets Egir Eventyrviking




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Lotte Werner Pettersen

1930 Aurskog