E- litter

The litter was born 4th May 2017, and two girls (powderpuffs) and three boys (one powderpuff and two naked) are growing and developing nicely.

Dam: Maja

Her partner is the one and only, Moelmo's On Top! (Or Fredrik as his daily name is)I am humble and grateful to Stina Strandsveen for this opportunity!

Maja:                                                                       Fredrik:

Born: 05/07/2012                                                    Born: 10/10/2013

HD: FCI B                                                                Patella: Clear

AD: FCI O                                                                PLL: Carrier

PRA-PRCD: Clear by parentage                               EVCO: Clear February 2017

Patella: 0-0                                                                      Clear November 2015

KCS: Normal - 23-23                                                       Clear December 2014

PLL: Clear                                                            

EVCO: Clear January 2017,

          Clear November 2015,

          Clear December 2014


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Instagram: #kenneleventyrvannet


Lotte Werner Pettersen

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