Eventyrvannets Jofrid Av Jotunheim, "Jojo"

Jojo is from Emma's second litter, the J-litter. I've always liked Jojo, since the day she was born, and knew early that I wanted to place my cards on her as a keeper. The overall quality in this litter was very high, and I'm very pleased with all of them. Jojo is a young girl who takes everything in her stride, easily. First time at a show she wanted to play and was not scared of anything. Being a puppy, she has certain opinions of what she wants to do or not, but she is also eager to please and loves a cuddle. 
She's living with her host family. 

Facebook: Kennel Eventyrvannet

Instagram: #kenneleventyrvannet


Lotte Werner Pettersen

1930 Aurskog