Alveseters Vår Ifra Cora, "Diva"

I bought Diva from Kennel Aveseter as a puppy in May 2013. Through som time I had gotten to know the breeder and I really believed in this litter. The puppies beamed of confidence, playfullness and joy. I chose Diva out of the litter because of her promising build, balance and her lovely attitude. She was easy to train when she was young and won an obedience test already at 7 months of age. She is a pure joy to work with and as long as I have really delicios treats, she keeps her focus. She got her name Diva because she likes to be the center of attention, has a royal posture and what I like to call "wise eyes" (I had Wenche Foss in mind when I found her name).

I called her "Diva" simly because I have always wanted to name a dog "Diva". I also saw it fitting as she loved to show off, and is a wise lady in many ways. Some may not think that a diva is a very positive word, but to me it represent ladies like Wenche Foss, a Norwegian actor and a very wise Lady.

She is the mother to our B- and D- litter and is an excellent mum to her puppies. She has also taken the leader-role of the pack after the Queen Rikke.

She is now retired from further breeding due to age. She is the foundation bitch for this breed at the kennel and has greatly raised the B- and D- litter, mother of 19 gorgeous puppies. 



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Lotte Werner Pettersen

1930 Aurskog