Grooming a PWD

What I love about grooming a PWD is that it is what you make of it. If you don't want a long coat, simly keep it short. If you desire some length, leave some. If you are into dogshows, it takes considerable time and effort to keep a coat in show condition. No matter what you choose, there are some grooming-items that I rocommend.

- A good comb

- A brush, preferrably with wooden pins.

- A nail trimmer

- A pair of sharp scissors for detailed grooming

- A dog clipper (machine). It really pays off to invest in a proper machine. You will save this money quickly, compared to visits to a groomer. Ask your breeder for help. The coat will grow back.

- A good shampoo and balm. Good products helps the coat and skin to remain in good condition. Products for humans have a different chemistry than products for dogs and may make the skin dry and flaky. The dog also may itch if the products aren't right and that could very well result in expensive visits to the vet.

- A blow-drier. If the dog has a long coat, a human blow-drier may overheat (experienced that myself in the early years). Also, the human blow-drier has very warm air and may cause a burning pain for the dog. I strongly recommend getting a blow-drier inteded for dogs. They come in all sizes and prices.

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Lotte Werner Pettersen

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