E-litter was born 4th May and the puppies are growing up!

25.06.2017 12:35

Six puppies were born on 4th May, but sadly we lost one of the pp-females way too soon. Still, 5 puppies are a decent sized litter for a cc and we are overjoyed with the ones that are with us. Two pp-females, one pp-male and two cc-males are growing strong!

One of the males, a naked one, will stay within the breeding, and the pp-male is reserved, but there are three available puppies left. Sure, I've had enquiries and visits from potential buyers, but some have changed their mind and some were totally...not the right ones. Finding the right homes are way mote important than finding the first possible home.

All puppies have been microchipped, vet-checked and vaccinated. All puppies got great words from the vet, and no bad remarks whatsoever :)

Have a look under "Available" for recent photos!

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Lotte Werner Pettersen

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